Your digital transformation journey with simple and secure chatbots to deliver automated service experience

In the CPAAS category V-Connect CHATBOTS are desirable channel to handle the FAQs, its very simple, secured and effective channel, just like our daily messaging over CHAT window, customers can contact you via chat window for business related queries.

Create a smart conversational bot without the usage of code language Design your bots based on Q&A and dialogs to offer the seamless customer experience.

We are the chatbots self-serve providers where you can feel the freedom to design the chatbots according to your flow and logics. Its easy to maintain and you can change the bot flow as per your needs or requirements. The changes are real-time changes and can be implement in no-time.

Chatbots support to your websites, apps and on many other digital platforms.

Market survey indicates the customers want superior experience from the businesses and expecting the real-time query resolutions and smart communications. V-Connect CHATBOTS is an important platform to retain or regain the customer interest in an instant way. We can help you integrate BOTS to drive customer engagement through smart and context-aware communication.

Chatbots Usage Facts

Easy and Quick Platform

24/7 Customer support

Call to Actions

Rich-media sharing

Faster Response time

Minimal Operational Cost

Reduce cost in many departments

Low integration cost

Save resources expenditure


Customer Experience

Zero waiting time

Quick Response

Consumer Satisfaction


Notifications & updates automation

V-Connect chatbot platform provides Dialogue Management Engine to push rich media – text, videos, images, PDF, HTML to the users. The logical routers provide API model to pass user’s intent to external applications to automate the flow and pick the data from CRM, ERP or any core business application of an Enterprise. API model forwards the user intent to the external application and capable to receives back the response in flexible formats along with rich media.

Seamless customer support

BOTS empowers businesses to provide real-time customer support with “Template messages” and can do the two-way real-time communications as “session messages” Reduce the operational cost by whatsapp BOT implementation for FAQs and implement live chats for customer satisfaction and quick replies by Customer care multiple agents.

Transparent MIS Dashboards

Chatbot platform provides a complete MIS and analytics module to capture users’ action and interests Chatbot platform provides reporting features to view all the users’ interactions. There are various types of Bots reporting structure.

Chatbots Use Cases

key objective of a Bot is to automate the business flow and create a rich Dialogue based interactions channel between a user and a Business bot. Automation helps in managing the Dialogues interactively and capture user’s intent in real time for further processing. Automation creates a real time live environment for the user and hence it increases user’s response and engagement. This helps in understanding user’s requirement and actions. Many use cases can be built to automate the business logics:
Survey Chatbot, Feedback Chatbot, Technical Support Chatbot, Collaboration Chatbot, Marketing Chatbot, Sales force automation Chatbot, HR automation Chatbot, Education and training automation Chatbot, Branding Chatbot

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