With OBD platform call is triggered to customer from a system offering different information like important voice announcement, promotional marketing sales or Customer Survey.

This service gives our clients the power to communicate relevant messages to their customers at a rapid speed. Our robust and quick Voice Broadcasting system is a time-efficient and cost-effective way to improve customer contact and response. Maximize ROI with our robust Voice platform best in-class delivery & Customer support. The main features of our system: Self OBD campaign execution option for the customer.

Key Benefits

Interactive & Instant voice broadcasting
Easily understandable & user-friendly dialogues in native language
Easy & Interactive DTMF input based campaigns.
Increase Customer Satisfaction with Customer Survey of their products.
Customized API based OBD broadcast for different integrated flow.

OBD/Voice Features/Advantage

No Set-up cost

Text to speech

Voice + DTMF input

Circle-wise CLI management

Live campaign preview

UI for transparent reporting

99.99% Server uptime

Customized APIs for configuration

OTP over Voice

USE Cases

Important announcements

Feedback/Registrations by DTMF input

Surveys, Market research

Product promotions

Follow-up calls

Political Campaigns

Lead Generation

Payment reminders with integrations

Birthday/Anniversary wishes


Available for 24*7 and manage all your business calls for FAQs. Track and record these calls to maintain a superior customer experience and conduct analysis to uncover new business opportunities.

Key Benefits

Integrate customer calls with tools like Help-desk software’s, CRM, ERP to unify all of your customer information.
Personalized in IVR for caller.
Navigate and automatically target the call to relative department.
Redirect to call center for live customer support to the pre-defined number.

IVR Advantage

Save time & Money

24*7 Service

Efficient Call routing

Customer satisfaction

USE Cases Sectors



Customer Service